The Modern History Research Centre (MHRC) was established in January 2002. Profiting from the role
 of Hong Kong as an intellectual bridge between China and
 the West, many of its activities have been centered on
 cross-cultural encounters especially in nineteenth-
 and twentieth-century history. The Centre has been building
 upon research strengths of the Department of History at
 HKBU such as intellectual and cultural history, the history of
 Christianity, Hong Kong history, and Sino-foreign relations.
 While maintaining these areas of interest, the Centre is
 currently striking out in new directions such as urban history,
 transportation history, and the history of knowledge and
 science. In 2016 the Centre will launch the MHRC Colloquia
 as a new framework for bringing together local and overseas
 scholars around a series of more specialised questions.

The Centre publishes a journal (History of Christianity in Modern China).

 2016年開展第一屆近代史研究中心討論會(MHRC Colloquia),繼續為本地及海外學者提供交流平台。